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To operate in all areas of commercial real estate with the highest standards, creating value in our product through our expertise, increasing value through careful stewardship and asset management, and maximizing value for the brokerage and investment client through integrity, diligence and attention to detail while contributing to and serving the larger community.


H. Grady Jordan (Deceased 2015)


H. Grady Jordan

First a BBA, later an MBA, and even later a professor, H. Grady Jordan was always a pursuer of knowledge. He began as a researcher in school and then worked for the Bureau of Business Research. Later, while working as an assistant professor at SMU, Jordan and another professor discussed the commercial real estate brokerage business. He was interested, so he did a little research, which he followed up on by calling on Henry S. Miller, Sr. It was from the Millers that he learned the ropes of real estate brokerage.

In his first deal in 1952, he earned a $1,125 commission equivalent to three months of his teaching salary. He knew he’d walked into a good thing. However, he was one of two employees in the Miller company, and Jordan felt he was encroaching on the other broker’s territory. So he moved to the Bolanz & Miller real estate company. Jordan began selling and leasing primarily industrial properties, which required him to continue as a researcher. He knew his product, and he spoke slowly and thoughtfully. His persona helped to assure his success. His hardest sell? Ross Perot. “Ross is just a disciplinarian, and he wants to know why you want to sell him something, and he wants to know why he needs you.” One time Jordan brought a deal to Perot who wanted to know why he needed Jordan. Jordan won Perot over when he said, “Well, Mr. Perot, you’re a strong man, and the person that owns this a very strong man. You better have somebody between you, because both of you are going to be too strong for each other.”

Jordan learned “civic involvement was a part of a real estate broker’s life. (I needed) to give back to the city because the city had been good to us.” Jordan learned and lived that lesson as well as anyone. He would become involved in giving back both to the city civically and to the organizations that helped him succeed as a broker. By 1956, he was ready to start his own company. When Trammell Crow needed to lease the 1,000,000 square feet of the Dallas Trade Mart, Jordan was one of the people he called upon to join him. Jordan learned to sell Dallas to sales managers and corporate presidents across the United States. Until his late 80's, Jordan continued to broker deals. He continues to be an example of ethics in real estate to other brokers.

H. Grady Jordan was a past president of the Greater Dallas Association of Realtors® and North Texas Chapter of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors®. He was also responsible for the formation of the Commercial and Industrial Division of the Greater Dallas Association of Realtors®, which later was the foundation for the creation of the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors®. He was the recipient of the 1975 Easterwood Cup Award given to the Realtor® of the Year for leadership and service to the Greater Dallas Association of Realtors®, the community, and the real estate profession.

His civic involvement and interest in his community is reflected by his having been a Director Emeritus of Children’s Medical Center Foundation until his death, a member of the Board of Trustees of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, a past Director of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, a past Chairman of the Mineral Metabolism Committee of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, a past president of the Dallas Civic Opera, and a past Life Member of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas.

“Ethics in Real Estate: an oxymoron?”
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January 25, 2002
by Riis Christensen

“... brokers were taught proper manners by pillars
of the Dallas real estate community such as
Hank Dickerson, Jim Moran, Buddy Hayden,
Grady Jordan, and Pete Baldwin.”


Bill Jordan

Bill Jordan

Bill Jordan has always known he wanted to be in the commercial real estate business. When he was growing up, he went on several trips with his father to the east and west coasts to see his father convince companies to open showrooms in the Dallas Trade Mart. Upon graduation from TCU with a BBA, he became an industrial broker with the firm in the Great Southwest Industrial District. The other salesmen in the company did not want to drive all the way out to Arlington to do cold calling so he saw it as an opportunity to stir up some new business. His first transaction was a month-to-month lease with Packaging Corporation of America. Since Bill was so conscientious in his dealings with the landlord, the California-based owner of that building decided to give him the exclusive leasing rights and management contract for approximately a half million square feet of other office and warehouse space the landlord owned in the area.

In the meantime, because of that expertise, he was given a brief exclusive by Trammell Crow Company to sell 43 of their buildings, mostly in the Great Southwest Industrial District. He was able to contact the tenants of those buildings as well as other investors in the area. Despite the tough market at that time, a few tenants bought their own buildings while other buildings were sold to small investors.

Ten years later, he was the California-based owner's exclusive agent to sell the half million square feet of buildings and also was the agent who represented the purchaser, Vantage Companies. In the years following, he and his father entered into a partnership to build a shopping center in the area and formed other partnerships to purchase and sell other buildings in the Great Southwest Industrial District and north Dallas.

Consequently, Bill has been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate including leasing, sales, management, site acquisitions, development, construction, and investment of office buildings, retail centers, and warehouse properties in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth.

He is a past chairman of the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee, which selects the Officer of the Month and Officer of the Year for the Dallas Police Department. He is also a Life Member of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas and a past committee member of CARE (Chemical Awareness & Resources Education) . In addition, he has been very involved in the business operation of his wife's company, Solutions Outpatient Services, a nationally recognized alcohol and drug abuse outpatient treatment program. He is a board member of Another Solution, Inc., which gives partial scholarships to people needing alcohol and drug treatment at various treatment centers. Bill is also the Webmaster for Grady Jordan & Company, Realtors®.

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